Sitting at Computer Health Hacks

These are some of the tools I use when sitting (sedentary) at the computer.

Ergonomic Chair

Google Chrome Extensions > PostureMinder ( – reminds me to stop slouching and stretch continually. Not in an annoying way either, and its free.

EyeLeo – reminds me to take breaks and also do eye stretches at intervals that you set. Its free, can be a little intrusive…but I think thats me just getting annoyed at having to do the exercises haha.

another good eye one is Save My Eyes >

F.Lux – cuts out the blue light filter on my computer screen so I can naturally go to sleep on time and not be kept awake by the blue light in the screen that effects your ***.


Lumbar Support – I use them in the car and also on my chairs. You can find them cheap on ebay.