How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything – Tom Hopkins

Summary Notes from ‘How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything’  Tom Hopkins on Youtube.

1) Have to believe in what you do – be passionate and excite people about your product. Would you buy what you sell?

2) Make them say it – if it comes from you then its not true but if it comes from them then it must be true. You would like to have a great product, don’t you? They have to say yes!

3) Give them a choice – would you like me to call you early or would you prefer a later call? As I wouldn’t want to disturb you. They will be forced to choose.

4) The porcupine: Customer says, do you have x? You would say, would you like x? If they answer yes you’ve essentially closed.

5) Don’t come across as a a salesman, its not about you! Come across as an advisor. Give the customer confidence by providing them with insight. They would trust you and respect you for being knowledgeable and helpful.

6) Show them the value in the product so that they trust that they aren’t wasting money on a product they don’t need.

7) Show empathy for clients. Put yourself in their shoes. (Forgot the poem demonstration).

8) Never use these words: Cost or Price (result: it’s too much/ too high), down payment (brings forth a sense of premature commitment) initial investment/payment is a better word, monthly payment should be substituted by monthly investment or amount which gives a client a sense that their gaining something rather than losing something. Contract, gives people a sense of uneasiness. Don’t call it a contract, call it paperwork or form. Buy, don’t say it! Substitute it with own as it gives the buyer a sense of ownership and pride associated with owning something. Get them INVOLVED and help them ACQUIRE. Deal, use transaction or opportunity instead. Sign, use ‘Ok it’, approve it or authorize it or endorse it.

9) What are you doing when your closing a deal? Helping a client with rationalizing the decision they want to make, help them head off procrastination, help them with their fear of being sold and finally help them overcome indecision.

10) ‘I want to think it over’, smile and say you wouldn’t want to spend all this time just to put off your decision would you? Now what about this is making you hesitant? Well the price. By how much? This is where you make what called the ‘reduction to the ridiculous’. You divide the amount they give you to an annual number then monthly, weekly, daily and so on. Tell them that u’d be paying just an additional cent amount daily to get your dream product? Is that too much to ask for your satisfaction? That the art of closing.