No Ragrets

Regret is a lever. People fear it so deeply, they will avoid it however they can. It’s a powerful motivator when you position people to flee from it toward your goal for them.

But regret is also something that sidetracks a ton of self employed and entrepreneurial types. Missed opportunities haunt us and keep us on tilt. Envious eyes rattle in our skulls when people we came up with are seen to outdo us.

Want to know how to kill that feeling? Or else at least enslave it and make it work for you? Turn it into fuel.

Burn that bitterness in your belly and use it as a driver to make the future different than the past we can no longer change. What you regret should be transformed into a promise to yourself to do something different from now on.

The promise becomes a plan. The plan becomes a ritual. And the ritual makes the regret into something valuable.

Will you get over your regrets? Probably never. But you can turn them into progress instead of letting them become impediments and excuses. You can’t squeeze forgiveness from the past. But you can work on getting redemption in the future.

Make the loss into the dip that inspires a rise. The kind of rise that people know CAN’T have happened unless some deep psychological driver pushed you to it.

I can’t say it will make you happy. But it will make it so no mistake you’ll make is ever wasted and made pointless again.

Did that move you?

Regret is a lever. Ka-Ching.