How to Sleep better

Insomnia is a form of revenge. Insomnia is rarely about really not being able to sleep, its about not giving ourselves a chance to think. Insomnia is the minds revenge for something important we have forgotten to do throughout the day. That being think.

Install a blue light filter on your computer & phone – f.lux is good > Windows 10 has an inbuilt feature called ‘Night Light’ so I no longer use f.lux as not necessary


7-8 hours a night.

Cool Down your room to 18 degrees Celsius or 65 Farenheit.

Have a hot shower before you go to bed.


1 hour before bed – dim lights and turn off devices – this cues the brain for sleep.


Breathe in Lavender Oil – backed up by Studied.

Journaling + Meditation.

circadian rhythm is a 24 hour rhythm.

your body goes through 90 minutes cycles of sleeping and wakefulness –

your energy is either increasing or decreasing – in this you have your 4 different brain wave states – alpha waves (when you are most awake) – beta, delta and gamma.

adenosine triphosphate helps you go to sleep

cortisol will keep you from falling asleep

3pm your body temperature dips – when you start to feel tired.

10am is when you feel most alert


Light exposure of sunlight in your eyes when you first wake up. Lunchtime 15 mins walk outside, light enters into your hypothamuls which releases serotonn – improves your mood and wakefulness and alleviates depression.


No electronic lighting at night. Use candles. If you use light your brain gets confused.

Download this free program f.lux for computer and Twilight for Android. Both are free.