Bliss gives you powerful exercises from Positive Psychology, proven to increase happiness, life-satisfaction, and resilience. Happiness research has exploded in the past two decades – we now know happiness increases creativity, problem-solving abilities, likability, motivation, resilience, etc, etc.


Bliss contains some of the most effective exercises discovered for creating long-term improvements in baseline happiness. Mental change does not always happen overnight, but with sustained effort (ideally incorporating exercise, meditation, and good relationships with others) you can literally rewire your brain to become a happier, more engaged and effective person.


The exercises provided are just that – exercises. Each time you do an exercise, you strengthen a mental trait. Feel free to do them in any order at any frequency you like based on what feels right for you. Some exercises, like Three Good Things, can be done every day. Other exercises such as Best Possible Future or Meaning In Work, you may only want to complete every few weeks.


Similar to physical exercise, the most important thing is to fall into a routine that works with your life. With consistent effort over time you really can become a happier, more positive person. Seeing that actually happen is thrilling, and well worth the effort.