FUCK OFF Sandflies / Sandfly / Midgies!

Troy Repel X

Alternatively repel x can be sprayed topically, its mainly a horse product but can be used as required and is approved for dogs

Advantix topically repels flying insects

Troy Repel-X Insecticidal and Repellent Spray

Use a topical product such as K9 AdvantixAdvantage, Frontline Plus, or Biospot on your dog. … are a non-poisonous way to combat flies and other flying insects at camp

I’ve created this out of frustration due to some much varying information about these little fuckers. They make me itch, but what made me get super annoyed is the dog I was pet sitting had bites all over him and couldn’t bare to watch the little fella scratch anymore.

Firstly, some definitions (depending on which part of the world you are from). In Australia we mainly refer to them as Sandflies, Biting Midgies, Sand Flies. Mosquitos are different as they are much larger than the small unseeable little fuckers. At least mosquitoes you can kill and realise you are being bitten.


Describe Sand Flies. 3mm in length.

Usually bitten: Sunrise and Dusk when they are most active.

Get Rid of Sand Flies.

Diatomaceous Earth (found best pricing on eBay – bunnings help was shit)

Treatment for Bites. >> white vinegar neutralises the acidity of there piss which is what itches but otherwise its hopefully a seasonal thing ? you can introduce them through a bad batch of sand but never heard of how to rid them


Should I scratch the bite? HELL YES, no it might bring temporary ecstasy but it releases more inflammatory stuff that makes them more itchy, then that leads to more scratching. GAH!


I beleive that DE can help reduce the sand fly numbers but I dont really know how effective it is. we have supplied it before for this purpose but have never had any feedback on its effectiveness or otherwise.
I suggest you could give it a try and see if it helps




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