Cloud Storage

I used to be a big fan of dropbox, still am, but with them losing some of my files (that were unrecoverable, compensation was a years free service), them having Condoleezza Rice on their board of directors (major NO NO when it comes to your privacy) and the Edward Snowden controversy….all your details are available to the government at any time….that and the have one of the most expensive pricing tiers out there (in Australia it was $9.99 for 1TB then next time I checked it was $12.99 then the next month $13.99 – like what the fuck – greedy bastards…guessing they will hope their customers don’t mind. And lets face it when its stored in the cloud its a fuck around to move it elsewhere/wait ages for it to reupload to the cloud etc.

However here are the alternatives – my favourite being SpiderOAK – a bit slower I’ve found than dropbox but its encrypted so I’m much happier giving up some speed for complete safety.


Was with dropbox


Microsoft OneDrive – Google Drive – SpiderOAK $49 for 500GB – same encryption as spideroak